“Museum Nacht Alkmaar”


De organisatoren van MNA hebben mij gevraagd om een groot doek te creëren speciaal voor Museumnacht. Daarnaast heb ik een workshop gegeven waarbij je tasjes kon pimpen. 


Van 7 april tot eind april, had ik een solo expositie in het centrum van Bergen. Elk weekend was de Gallery HUISJE DOEK geopend en het was een groot succes!

Recap video https://www.instagram.com/p/CrTiHFVLsmz/

Woman-Link 2023

EXPO 5/03/2023 | Womanlink @urbannomads Alkmaar. 13.00-17.00 Vrouwen festival.


EXPO 30/10/2022 |  13.00-17.00

Luttik Oudorp: De societeit

25/09 tm 30/12/2022

De expositie is te bekijken op aanvraag of tijdens evenementen die plaats vinden in de societeit in Alkmaar. 

Op de website www.de-societeit.nl kunt u de evenementen bekijken of contact opnemen voor de expositie.

London 26 march (Meraki project)2022

An innovative art exhibition and afterparty in collaboration with (30) young artists from around the world.

Our aim with this project is to give an opportunity to young artists and more importantly, a space to express their inner voices, exchange with other talents and let their creativity blossom. Especially after the Covid-19 lockdown, we thought this was an excellent opportunity to help the new generation of artists to come get back on their feet and give them a push towards artistic fulfilment. We are hoping that our event will bring together a new wave of emerging artists and will be a source of empowerment.


This exhibition 4-07-2022 was held in the cultural park of Alkmaar De Hout. There were music performances and different kinds of artists.

My works

I have made a selection of large and small paintings, and I have also sold frames with lino cuts.

Live painting

I also went live painting, which the children really liked.